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by Marielena Stuart

Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate 2012 (FLORIDA)

Friday’s news about America’s abysmal job market was no cause for celebration during this Labor Day weekend.  So, President Obama plans to address Congress on Thursday with another job creation plan.  This upcoming visit to Congress is seen by many as merely a campaign stop for his re-election efforts.

Meanwhile, Florida has experienced a slight improvement since January of this year.  Less oppressive regulatory bureaucracy and more support for innovation and entrepreneurship through open economic development, will continue to be essential factors for Florida’s job growth.

The following labor chart covers Florida from January 2008 (one year before President Obama took office) to July 2011.

2008 Jan 9161379(B) 8719570(B) 441809(B) 4.8(B)
2008 Feb 9171628(B) 8716099(B) 455529(B) 5.0(B)
2008 Mar 9177421(B) 8704761(B) 472660(B) 5.2(B)
2008 Apr 9181180(B) 8686455(B) 494725(B) 5.4(B)
2008 May 9186921(B) 8664839(B) 522082(B) 5.7(B)
2008 Jun 9194357(B) 8642570(B) 551787(B) 6.0(B)
2008 Jul 9202660(B) 8621235(B) 581425(B) 6.3(B)
2008 Aug 9209984(B) 8600897(B) 609087(B) 6.6(B)
2008 Sep 9213669(B) 8576898(B) 636771(B) 6.9(B)
2008 Oct 9213434(B) 8545170(B) 668264(B) 7.3(B)
2008 Nov 9207489(B) 8503146(B) 704343(B) 7.6(B)
2008 Dec 9196962(B) 8452559(B) 744403(B) 8.1(B)
2009 Jan 9183876(B) 8398724(B) 785152(B) 8.5(B)
2009 Feb 9171801(B) 8347684(B) 824117(B) 9.0(B)
2009 Mar 9161788(B) 8303196(B) 858592(B) 9.4(B)
2009 Apr 9152317(B) 8264565(B) 887752(B) 9.7(B)
2009 May 9144616(B) 8231286(B) 913330(B) 10.0(B)
2009 Jun 9137178(B) 8201619(B) 935559(B) 10.2(B)
2009 Jul 9129220(B) 8174385(B) 954835(B) 10.5(B)
2009 Aug 9121672(B) 8150526(B) 971146(B) 10.6(B)
2009 Sep 9116554(B) 8131408(B) 985146(B) 10.8(B)
2009 Oct 9116338(B) 8118184(B) 998154(B) 10.9(B)
2009 Nov 9122584(B) 8111245(B) 1011339(B) 11.1(B)
2009 Dec 9138164(B) 8113566(B) 1024598(B) 11.2(B)
2010 Jan 9158058(B) 8123884(B) 1034174(B) 11.3(B)
2010 Feb 9179114(B) 8140529(B) 1038585(B) 11.3(B)
2010 Mar 9195815(B) 8156212(B) 1039603(B) 11.3(B)
2010 Apr 9206165(B) 8165855(B) 1040310(B) 11.3(B)
2010 May 9212473(B) 8169736(B) 1042737(B) 11.3(B)
2010 Jun 9216467(B) 8167870(B) 1048597(B) 11.4(B)
2010 Jul 9221455(B) 8162564(B) 1058891(B) 11.5(B)
2010 Aug 9230403(B) 8159062(B) 1071341(B) 11.6(B)
2010 Sep 9242265(B) 8158830(B) 1083435(B) 11.7(B)
2010 Oct 9256419(B) 8162444(B) 1093975(B) 11.8(B)
2010 Nov 9268896(B) 8165626(B) 1103270(B) 11.9(B)
2010 Dec 9280145(B) 8169517(B) 1110628(B) 12.0(B)
2011 Jan 9278147 8176318 1101829 11.9
2011 Feb 9264634 8196252 1068382 11.5
2011 Mar 9251792 8221576 1030216 11.1
2011 Apr 9246407 8249443 996964 10.8
2011 May 9249760 8269335 980425 10.6
2011 Jun 9235490 8251682 983808 10.7
2011 Jul 9219559(P) 8232553(P) 987006(P) 10.7(P)
B : Reflects revised population controls, model reestimation, and new seasonal adjustment.
P : Preliminary.


Marielena Stuart
Republican Candidate for the United States Senate – 2012 (Florida)
Uncompromising Leadership Based on America’s Founding Values

Stay tuned for exciting campaign stops, speeches and debates.

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