MARIELENA STUART ‘IN TOUCH…’ from the Campaign Trail: TITUSVILLE PATRIOTS (Florida’s Space Coast)

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MARIELENA STUART ‘IN TOUCH…’ from the Campaign Trail:  TITUSVILLE PATRIOTS (Florida’s Space Coast)

It was an honor and a privilege to address the Titusville Patriots, at the kind invitation of Don Forward.  My family and I were warmly welcomed by these great patriots from the Space Coast.

I have been a huge fan and supporter of the American Space Program my entire life.  My admiration and concern for the American Space Program’s future– in particular human space exploration led by Americans, inspired me to write Before You Go You Must Know This

A few minutes after I finished addressing the Titusville Patriots, we stepped outside to watch the launch of a Delta IV rocket into the clear, star-filled night– from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  The rocket carried the fourth in the Defense Department’s highest capacity line of communications satellites, under the Wideband Global SATCOM program.  The $464 million satellite will eventually be positioned 22,300 miles above the Indian Ocean.

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