MARIELENA STUART ‘IN TOUCH…’: Pinellas Patriots 912 (St. Petersburg) – Standing Ovation

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MARIELENA STUART ‘IN TOUCH…’:  Pinellas Patriots 912 (St. Petersburg) – Standing Ovation

My deep gratitude is extended to a wonderful lady, Karen Haddon, President of the Pinellas Patriots 912, for inviting me to address this great organization on February 22.  The event was organized with much attention to details, including road signs and welcoming signs.  Deb Caso, a great patriot,  introduced me with warmth and enthusiasm.  I am honored to have received a standing ovation as well as strong support.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great evening!

TOPICS OF DISCUSSION:  Defense of Human life, Agenda 21, Socialism, Sustainable Development, Communism, Economic Policies, Military, Immigration, Marielena Stuart 2012, United States Senate, Keeping in Touch with Floridians, etc.

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