MARIELENA STUART 2012: Great News!

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New Conservative Leadership and Courage for America

Republican Candidate for the United States Senate 2012 (FL)


Dear  friends,

I am honored and pleased to announce that I have qualified to be on the ballot as a Republican candidate for the United States Senate, in the Primary Election– which will take place on August 14. 

I have worked very hard to make it this far—and I am deeply grateful to so many freedom-loving conservative  Americans who have stood by me,  with their passionate dedication and support.

My message in defense of life, freedom and prosperity has been embraced across Florida—as  I continue to travel from town to town, meeting personally with voters who are determined to join  me in my battle to help save America from a destructive Socialist path, which chokes the private sector, weakens our military– and  which violates our rights under the United States Constitution.

As I write this message, our country  continues to descend further into debt– and  unemployment continues to rise.   An overgrowth of ideologies has enveloped America, based on class  warfare, tolerance of Sharia Law —and economic models based on Sustainable Development and redistribution of wealth.

What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable Development  is the massive United Nations  Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21)  whose goal is the implementation of international  Socialism—through economic and cultural programs.

Sustainable Development has been imposed on the American people through years of Executive Orders—yet,  it has never been approved by the United States Congress.

Sustainable Development is completely compatible with President Obama’s  fundamental  “transformation” of  America.  Sustainable Development undermines our free enterprise system, our private sector and the creation of jobs.

Sustainable development is an enemy of our property rights  and  our  sovereignty.

Sustainable Development is pervasive and persistent in Florida at local, county and state levels.

Sustainable Development is taught in schools, colleges and universities—under the pretext of global “environmental stewardship” – and includes  economic and cultural curricula that goes against the sanctity of human life, the traditional  family and parental rights.

I have declared a war against Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) and Socialism in America.

With your support, we will win this battle.

We must clean up the moral environment in Washington DC

It is urgent that Roe vs. Wade  be overturned.  The killing of innocent human life through abortion is destroying our society—not just morally, but economically as well.  Human life has been devalued, and anti-human ideologies have infected our communities and government.  Innocent human life has become a disposable  commodity.  Unless we stop this slaughter of innocents, our nation is doomed.

The traditional family is under attack in America.  The traditional family is the foundation of a civilized society– and essential for a strong and stable economy; therefore, marriage is between one man and one woman.  Any attempt to nuance this, is simply an attack on the sanctity of the traditional family!

JOIN  me in the  battle against Socialism—which is Phase I of Communism!

JOIN  me  in defense of the unborn and the traditional family!

JOIN  me in defense of the private sector and the elimination of  Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) and Socialist-based programs that are enemies of American prosperity and our property rights!

Sharia Law has no place in our commerce.  Sharia Law has no place in our nation.

America MUST  lead morally, economically and militarily.  Without a strong and free America—there is no hope for the rest of the world.

I need your support  NOWand YOUR VOTE   on August 14 during the Republican Primary.


Marielena Stuart

Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate 2012 (FL)

*- NOTE:  You must be registered as a Republican by July 16 in order to vote for me in the Primary Election.  Early voting begins on August 4.


I compare Marielena Stuart with the nearest Statesman, President Ronald Reagan. She is courageous, principled, constitutional, conservative, fair and just, and fearless unto death for the cause of American liberty. She exemplifies American patriotism as a passionate promoter of faith and freedom. When elected, I have full confidence she would be a conserver of the American Republic and a preserver of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. She inspires, encourages, and exudes the rare combination of confidence with humility and obedience to our Country’s God. Her position requires reformation, integrity, godliness, honor, and truth. She is not only up for the task, but will motivate other Senators to follow her lead.” 

— Glenn Pav, President and CEO of Conservative Talk Network

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