MARIELENA STUART: Landslide Victory at Pinellas County GOP U.S. Senate Poll

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MARIELENA STUART:  Landslide Victory at Pinellas County GOP U.S. Senate Poll


(For Immediate Release)

June 12, 2012


FROM:  Marielena Stuart, Republican Candidate for the U.S.  Senate 2012 (FL)

RE:  My Landslide Victory Last Night at the Pinellas County GOP Straw Poll , conducted by the Supervisor of Elections

For inquiries please call:  (239) 776-1742

Please also read story  titled “Who is Our Next Senator?” at Florida Political Press: 



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Part 2


My landslide victory last night  at the Pinellas County GOP Straw Poll is a testament to the conservative presence  inside the Republican Party—which rejects the moderate, business-as-usual approach to Washington DC politics.

This Straw Poll also represents the power of my Republican candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Florida.  A power borne out of  a true grassroots Republican campaign—based on hard work  and  integrity.   This Straw Poll was the first professional Straw Poll conducted in this U.S. Senate race in Florida.  Officials from the Supervisor of Elections were present– and official voting machines were brought in.  Each voter had to present their voter registration ID in order to vote.   The entire poll process was conducted in the manner of an official election. Only Republicans were allowed to vote.  

Floridians are suffering the economic consequences of our country’s descent into massive debt– and unemployment continues to rise.   An overgrowth of ideologies has enveloped America, based on class warfare, tolerance of Sharia Law —and economic models based on Sustainable Development and redistribution of wealth.  These are Socialist-based programs that are enemies of American prosperity and our property rights.

Human life and the traditional family has been devalued, and anti-human ideologies have infected our communities and government.  Innocent human life has become a disposable  commodity.  Americans, now more than ever, understand that human life and the traditional family are our greatest asset.

I am deeply grateful to so many freedom-loving conservative  Americans who have stood by me,  with their passionate dedication and support.  I look forward to continuing my message of life, freedom and prosperity throughout Florida, on the campaign trail.

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