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MARIELENA STUART… the “Perfect Conservative Storm” Moving through Florida: Updates from the Campaign Trail (Lakeland 912, Polk County)

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MARIELENA STUART… the “Perfect Conservative Storm” Moving through Florida

Updates from the Campaign Trail:  Lakeland 912, Polk County

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mark LaMons and Mrs. LaMons for their kind invitation to address the members of the Lakeland 912 Project, for arranging this special meeting– and for the kind words and wishes they have expressed.   I was extremely touched  by the warmth, kindness and patriotism of this group.  It was an unforgettable evening– which brought more patriotic supporters to my campaign for the United States Senate 2012.

Here are some comments from members of the 912 Movement:

Mark LaMons:

“I found Mrs. Stuart to be a genuine patriot and watch”woman” on the wall.  Living Socialism and Communism is much different than reading about it.  Burned once! You get real sensitive and recognize the danger. We need to wake up! Things are moving fast! Good Luck to her.”

Hamilton Hanson:

“SHE is the bright and shining star from Florida running for the US Senate seat – very soon to be empty – now held by Bill Nelson!!”

“You MUSSSTTTTT hear Marielena!!!”

“If you want real Constitutional government at the federal level – LISTEN to her…PUT a sign on your car and SUPPORT the heck out of her!!!”

“THIS lady is the one you DO NOT WANT to get away!!!!”

Don and Shirley Jones:

“I was very impressed with Mrs. Stuart’s presentation.  She would be a great asset to the Senate.”
Morgan and Judy Smith:
“Marielena was excellent and inspiring.”
Glenn Taylor:

“100 firebrands like Marielena in the Senate sure go a long way to restoring America.”

Mrs. Alison LaMons:

I went to hear and meet Marielena Stuart last  night, me and about 20 other people in a room made for hundreds.  Her family has travelled 2800 miles in Florida over the last 10 days.    Though we had but a small group, this woman delivered the goods with potency as though she addressed a packed hall.
She is the real deal.  She knows first hand what Communism is.  Her family paid with their property and lives in Cuba.  “Socialism is but a step to Communism”, she states firmly, and “what we have here is Socialism,” and she clearly delineates the many ways.
She is seeking this high office as the necessary means to combat the loss of our Constitutional liberty that is radically eroding before our (blinded?) eyes.  And yes, home school freedom is under direct assault too.
Marielena Stuart is, and always has been a true conservative in the likeness of our Founding Fathers.  Take a few minutes to watch her video on  YouTube and on her website
We need to busy ourselves by raising up godly leaders, not dismissing them.  Otherwise, get your kids ready for school, and yourselves ready to forfeit your private property and other rights under Agenda 21, PPP’s, “Sustainability,” “Smart Growth,” 2060, ICLEI, and such.  (If you don’t know about these things, that is part of the problem).
Marielena Stuart would be the strongest voice in Congress for home schoolers. . . . .she is one!  But more than that, she is fighting the Marxism and Socialism that she sees invading our nation!  Keep more than just an eye out for her.   Check her out.

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MARIELENA STUART on the Campaign Trail: U.S. Constitution and Freedom Rally – Fort Walton Beach

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MARIELENA STUART on the Campaign Trail:  U.S. Constitution and Freedom Rally – Fort Walton Beach (Okaloosa County)

PLEASE NOTE:  Stay tuned for more commentaries and photos from many other events on the campaign trail.

Marielena Stuart
Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate 2012
New Leadership and Courage for America

During this Easter break I am catching up with my commentaries about my activities on the campaign trail.  My campaign continues to intensify– and I have been traveling thousands of miles meeting with hundreds of Floridians who are deeply concerned about the state of our nation.

On March 17 I had the distinct honor to speak at the U.S. Constitution and Freedom Rally, held at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach, at the kind invitation of Senior Chief Geoff Ross USN (Ret.) President and Founder of The Rogue Patriot Group, Inc.   This freedom rally was held to honor and support our wounded warriors and their families– as well as to honor those who lost their lives serving our nation.  It was an unforgettable event involving the participation of members of the United States Navy Seals, U.S. Special Forces and Army Rangers.

There were moments of tears, as well as moments of joy, knowing that we have the bravest and greatest military men and women in the world.

Here is a gallery of photos from this memorable event:

The Honorable Governor Rick Scott and Marielena Stuart

Marielena Stuart addressing the honorable members of the audience

Lt. Jason Redman, U.S. Navy Seal (Ret.) Bronze Medal (Heroism) and Marielena Stuart

Master Sgt., Howard “Mad Max” Mullen and Marielena Stuart

Ricki Di Santis, 9/11 Survivor and Marielena Stuart

Marielena Stuart greets members of the audience after her speech at the U.S. Constitution and Freedom Rally


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