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South Pinellas 912 Election Committee Supports MARIELENA STUART for U.S. Senate 2012

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GOP Senate Race: Mack or Stuart

South Pinellas 912 Supports Stuart

OUR GOAL: To support candidates who believe in a Constitutional limited government, a free market, low taxes, and a strong national defense.

ANALYSIS: Our Election Committee was drawn from our 1,000 members. For six months, we analyzed the voting records, backgrounds, and philosophies of these candidates, to determine which candidate most closely reflects the Constitutional government we seek. The candidate who most closely reflects our philosophy is:

Marielena Stuart

Marielena Stuart is a linguist, columnist, and homeschooling mother. As a young girl she was a victim of Fidel Castro’s political persecution against her family. When she was 11 she came here legally seeking political asylum. Because of her experiences, Stuart has a keen awareness of socialism, the will to oppose it, and the skill to articulate its dangers which is creeping into our government. Has anyone in Congress spoken out against the threats from the globalist policies of our own government? We need to add Stuart’s voice!

In her speech to the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee, Stuart got several standing ovations, and won the straw poll (*) in a landslide (Stuart 110, LeMieux 69, and Connie Mack, who didn’t appear, 12). Stuart is an outstanding conservative leader with a passion for Liberty and limited government. Support her now, and with your vote Aug 14!

Connie Mack served honorably in the Florida Legislature, and the US House of Representatives. Like most legislators of the last 30 sessions of Congress, he wrote bills to satisfy constituents and lobbyists, while globalist policies were introduced into federal and local laws in Florida. If we elect more of the same type of legislators, won’t we get the same results? In addition he refuses to communicate with us, the voters; and his wife lives in California. We need a Senator who lives here, is focused solely on Florida’s issues, and we reject the notion of candidate selection based upon a consensus of GOP party elites.

* Vote managed by Pinellas Supervisor of Elections Office

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